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Port Bolivar Lighthouse

From Wikipedia.

Point Bolivar Lighthouse is a historic lighthouse in Port Bolivar, Texas, that was built in 1872. It served for 61 years before being retired in 1933, when its function was replaced by a different light.

The current lighthouse is at least the second structure at the site. The first lighthouse was built in the mid 1850s and was pulled down during the Civil War so that Union warships could not use it as a navigational aid.

During the Galveston Hurricane of 1900, the lighthouse served as a shelter for at least 125 people, saving their lives. It also survived another hurricane, in 1915, where winds of 126 miles per hour were recorded. The first lighthouse keeper, H.C. Claiborne, retired in 1918, after witnessing those two storms, and was replaced by a Captain J. Brooks. In 1947 the lighthouse was sold and, although still standing, is not open to the public. The 1970 film My Sweet Charlie, starring Patty Dukeand Al Freeman Jr. was filmed at the lighthouse and adjacent caretaker’s house.

The lighthouse is adjacent to the Houston Audubon Society‘s Horseshoe Marsh Bird Sanctuary.

After withstanding over 150 years of erosion, the lighthouse is now entirely black. This has caused some to call it “The Haunted Lighthouse” of Bolivar.